Premium Real White Oak Wood Self Adhesive Wallpaper Interior Film

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Premium Real White Oak Wood Self Adhesive Wallpaper Interior Film

This High-End Real White Oak Wood self adhesive wallpaper is absolutely loved with detailed embossing and enhanced luxury of white wood. The embossed wood knots on the wallpaper make look more realistic wood patterns. This wallpaper can compliment a variety of spaces from the modern loft to classic lodge.

We know you will love our durable, textured, scratch resistant premium peel and stick wallpaper's quality as much as we do. We have checked many of other's wallpapers to make sure you would be confident to pay less for the high quality wallpapers.

If you ever find any better quality self adhesive wallpaper in similar design but in lower price in Australia, we will get you 30% refund of you purchase immediately. That's our Quality guarantee and it is just one of the ways we help you find the quality products.


  • Colour : White
  • Size : W 123cm X L 200cm_ 2.46 m2(Whatever quantity you order up to 50m length, it will be supplied to you in 1 continuous length film. e.g. if you order 2 quantity, we send you a W123cm X L400cm roll)Luzenandco Home improvement Self adhesive wallpaper Peel and Stick Vinyl
  • Thickness : 0. 24mm(More durable, Thicker than normal one)
  • Material: PVC
  • Place : Luzen&Co Self Adhesive Wallpaper is not a just simply for walls. These could widely use for Living room, Kitchen Cabinet, Furniture, Bedding room, Study, Kids’ room, TV Background, and Commercial


  • Peel and Stick type
  • Deep Wood grain Textured
  • High durability(Special surface coating)
  • KC Certification(Certificate of Environment-Friendly Building Materials)
  • Water and Moisture proof
    White oak self adhesive wallpaper
  • Mould proof
  • Easy to Clean
  • Environmentally Friendly Advanced 6 Layers 

Luzen&Co self adhesive wallpaper


  • Luzen&Co peel and stick wallpaper has acquired the certificate of Environment-Friendly Building Materials from the Korea Environmental industry & technology institute by significantly decreasing the use of VOC, a volatile compound that has been associated with Sick Building Syndrome(SBS), and formaldehyde in a ground breaking method. Additionally, our self adhesive wallpaper can be safe used as they have minimal amounts of phthalates plasticizer, an endocrine disrupting substance.
  • 123cm width Real White Oak Self Adhesive wallpaper is cut and shipped upon order. Since the width is fixed, only the length can be changed according to the order quantity. Whatever quantity you order up to 30m length, it will be supplied to you in 1 continuous length film. Only it can be returned, if it is defective.


How to install

  1.  Clean the wall, the wall must be clean, neat, smooth
  2.  Make sure that the surface is flat(if not, Scuff uneven surfaces with a sandpaper and apply hard-type putty where necessary for a flat surface)
  3.  Coat with primer 2 or 3times if you apply on MDF, untreated steel or painted surface
  4.  Measuring the length and the width of the wall
  5.  Cut off the size with 1-2cm extra leeway on all sides for trimming
  6.  Touch The Wallpaper to peel off the adhesive tape and stick it on completely dry flat surface, No additional glue is needed.
  7. Align the product with the application surface then pull the release paper about 5-10cm and stick the film onto the surface.
  8. Apply the rest of the film by peeling the release paper 30cm at a time working from the top to bottom.
  9. Use a squeegee to apply pressure onto the film from middle out towards both edges in order to push out any air bubbles.
  10. Large air bubbles can be removed by pricking the bubble with a pin and pushing the entrapped air towards the puncture
  11. Overlap the film by 0.5-1cm when installing two panels side by side


How many rolls do I need

  1. Work out the length of your wall TIMES X the height of your wall.
  2. Always divide 2.46 (because one roll can cover 2.46 sqm)
  3. Add 15% in to the total to allow for pattern repeat and edge wastage or failure