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Marble & Cement Wallpaper

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There's something grand and luxurious about marble and cement walls, reminiscent of palaces, galleries and other fabulous structures. Our beautiful self adhesive vinyl, wallpaper collection brings this classic style into your home or office space. Whether you're looking for a chic option for a bathroom, an eye-catching option for an accent wall or something to beautify an entire room — we have just the perfect range of self-adhesive wallpapers in Australia for you.

If you love the regal look of marble or concrete walls but are worried about the time, effort and costs involved in the installation, fear not! Our wallpapers come pre-pasted with adhesive backing — all you have to do is roll it out on your desired surface and enjoy a completely new aesthetic to your space.

Say goodbye to cumbersome installation and embrace the elegance of beautiful wallpapers without any fuss with our self-adhesive wallpapers!

Transform your walls with Luzen&Co's collection of self-adhesive wallpapers, vinyls

Our extensive catalogue of self-adhesive wallpapers in Australia boasts many options to give your walls that opulent feel. Here are some quick highlights from our collection:

  • Plain marble — The simple beauty of marble is elevated with our plain marble collection in stunning shades of white, black and grey. The minimalist designs create a serene and elegant atmosphere in your home.
  • Patterned marble — Ready to make a statement? This collection offers a unique twist on classic marble with its neo marble, stone marble and striped marble designs. Whether you want to add a touch of glamour to your bedroom or a pop of sophistication to your living room, our patterned marble collection makes it easy to achieve your interior design goals.
  • Cement collection — Perfect for those who appreciate the beauty of minimalism, this collection brings the raw, urban feel of concrete walls into your home. The earthy tones of our cement collection create a warm and cozy atmosphere that still exudes a sense of sophistication and style.
  • Atelier collection — This collection is for those who want to bring a touch of the art world into their home. With its neutral shades and textured designs, our Atelier wallpapers are perfect for creating a sophisticated and timeless look in your space.

Looking for other prints? We have a wide range of other self-adhesive wallpapers in Australia that comes in various textures and designs. When shopping at Luzen&Co., trust us to deliver the wallpaper solutions you need for a DIY home makeover, allowing you to easily create stylish interiors without breaking the bank.

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Revamp your home in a snap with Luzen&Co! Our online shop offers a wide range of removable self-adhesive wallpapers in Australia that will give your space a brand-new look. But that's not all — we offer top-notch quality products, convenient delivery options Australia-wide and flexible payment options with all major credit cards and platforms such as PayPal, Google Pay and Apple Pay. Say goodbye to boring walls and hello to a DIY home makeover!

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