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Plain Self Adhesive Wallpaper

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Just like its printed counterparts, plain self-adhesive vinyl wallpaper has its own distinct appeal and uses. Whether it comes in fabric effect, herringbone, or another specific pattern, the understated beauty of plain wallpaper or vinyl makes it an elegant choice for certain interior themes and designs.

If you’re looking to buy plain self-adhesive wallpaper in chic neutrals or planning to make over a room with a bold pop of colour, we’ve got the subtle backdrop you need to bring your plan together.

Explore a number of plain textured wallpapers in our collection to add interest to your space; choose from classic white, blue, black, grey, beige, or khaki wallpapers.

Discover the minimalistic appeal of plain wallpaper

While print wallpaper is sure to attract attention, plain ones can highlight focal points in your home or give the eyes a break through negative space. Specifically, plain wallpaper is designed to:

  • Put the focus on items of interest — Plain self-adhesive wallpaper works perfectly to highlight photos or artworks, as well as special design pieces. These can come in the form of sculptures, antiques, fresh plants, flowers, or even a unique piece of pottery.
  • Enhance home aesthetics — Plain wallpaper can be used to complement specific design elements, such as intricately patterned sheet vinyl flooring, natural marble composite decking tiles, or the beautiful scenery outside your home.
  • Personalise specific areas in your home — For some, a change in wallpaper design can indicate a change in space. For example, you can use a specific kind of plain wallpaper to mark off your personal space, such as your home office or bedroom. 

Whatever your purpose, our wide selection of plain wallpaper is designed to meet your aesthetic requirements and interior design specifications.

Where to use plain wallpaper

Plain vinyl wallpaper comes in typically subdued patterns or textures that can have an understated yet elegant impact on any space. Select a design from our plain wallpaper collection that resonates best with you and use it to enhance different sections of your home.

  • Rattan — The subtle geometric pattern of this natural-hued wallpaper can give your living room, kitchen, or dining room a serene yet pleasantly vibrant appearance.
  • Canvas Sky Blue — You can use this plain wallpaper to create a cohesive design that adheres to your chosen colour scheme or overall theme in your living area, bedroom or study.
  • Charcoal Grey — Dark wallpaper can emphasise colour contrasts that add interest to any space, including your bedroom.

Easy plain self-adhesive wallpaper DIYs with Luzen & Co

With our expansive collection of plain self-adhesive wallpaper, making over your home has never been easier. We have everything you need to complete professional-looking DIYs — from a plastic squeegee that easily removes air bubbles to a blade cutter to trim off excess wallpaper and create crisp lines.

To apply our plain self-adhesive wallpaper yourself, simply follow these nine easy steps:

  1. Prepare the surface — Ensure your wall is clean, smooth and dry. Repair any imperfections and remove dust or debris.
  2. Measure and cut — Measure the height of your wall and cut the wallpaper accordingly, leaving a few extra inches at the top and bottom for adjustments.
  3. Align the first panel — Start from a corner or a reference point, aligning the top of the wallpaper with the ceiling or a level line you've drawn.
  4. Peel and stick — Peel off a few inches of the backing at the top. Press the exposed adhesive against the wall, smoothing it out with a wallpaper smoother or a soft cloth as you go.
  5. Continue application — Slowly peel the backing away, pressing the wallpaper against the wall with a squeegee to smooth out air bubbles or wrinkles as you move down.
  6. Trim excess — Use a sharp utility knife or wallpaper cutter to trim excess material at the top, bottom and corners. A straight-edge tool can help achieve clean cuts.
  7. Overlap the seams — If using multiple panels, overlap the film by 1-2 cm, continuing the process for each panel and making sure to maintain a consistent pattern or alignment.
  8. Smooth out air bubbles — If air bubbles or wrinkles appear, gently lift the wallpaper and smooth them out with your hands, squeegee or any other wallpaper smoothing tool.
  9. Finish edges — For corners and edges, carefully wrap the excess around and secure it or trim it neatly with a blade cutter.

Finally, you can clean up your DIY by wiping away any excess adhesive with a damp cloth to finish your plain self-adhesive wallpaper DIY with a professional touch and attention to detail. Shop our range of self-adhesive wallpapers and DIY home improvement products today to make your dream living spaces a reality.

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