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Premium Privacy Window Film

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Enhance the privacy of your living or working space in style with our premium window privacy screens or films. At Luzen&Co, we have a luxurious window film collection of glass-exclusive use films. The best part is that they are easy to install, making them suitable for your DIY home or office improvement project.

Functional and stylish premium privacy window films

Window privacy screens are not merely practical — they are also decorative and add a new dimension to the aesthetic of your space. Our privacy window films come in varying levels of opacity to achieve the perfect balance between privacy and brightness. Plus, we have an array of designs, patterns and textures that will transform your home or office into a work of art. Whether you prefer a classic frosted appeal or the modern look of gradation films, we have something to suit your taste.

Installing window privacy screens protects your furniture, flooring and artwork from harmful UV rays. Depending on the product, our window films block up to 99% of UV radiation, preserving the integrity and longevity of your interior decor. Concerned about your carbon footprint? Window films can help with that! They help regulate the temperature within your space, reducing the need for excessive heating and cooling. 

Easy installation of window privacy screens

Unleash your inner decorator with our easy-to-install privacy window films! Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to apply them: 

  1. Gather your tools. You’ll need a spray bottle with a water and dish soap mixture, a squeegee, a set cutter and a lint-free cloth. 
  2. Clean your windows to ensure smooth application. Remove dust, dirt and streaks that may hinder the film’s adhesion.
  3. Measure your window and cut the film to the desired size. Leave an extra inch on all sides for adjustments. 
  4. Mist the window’s surface with the soapy water mixture. 
  5. Peel off the protective backing of the window privacy screen and gently place it on the wet window. 
  6. Starting from the centre, smooth out bubbles to the edges using the squeegee. 
  7. Trim the excess film. 

Browse premium privacy window films at Luzen&Co

Ready to elevate the privacy, aesthetics and energy efficiency of your space? Shop our easy-to-install window privacy screens below! You can apply them to living spaces, kitchens, offices, entryways and more. If you haven't found what you are looking for yet, take a look at our window films collection.


What is a window privacy screen?

A window privacy screen is a covering or shield designed to limit visibility into a space through a window, enhancing privacy without sacrificing natural light for a bright space protected from unwanted glare and UV protection. At Luzen & Co, we offer a beautiful range of window privacy screens that are functional yet stylish and extremely easy to DIY. 

What are the different types of window privacy screens?

Different types of window privacy screens include frosted films, blinds, shades and decorative panels. Each offers unique styles and levels of privacy. With Luzen & Co’s selection of window privacy screens, you can easily DIY and customise your spaces with premium privacy window screens that meet all your interior and exterior design needs.

What are the benefits of using a window privacy screen?

Benefits include enhanced privacy, reduced glare, UV protection and the ability to customise your space aesthetically. The enhanced protection will also help to maintain the quality and integrity of the furnishings in your space.

With our extensive range of premium window privacy screens, you’re sure to enjoy a transformative upgrade in your living and work spaces.

How do I choose the right window privacy screen for my needs?

Consider factors like desired privacy level, style preference, sunlight control and budget. You should also measure your window accurately before purchasing, so you know how many window privacy screens you need to fully cover your windows. If you’re in need of assistance, feel free to contact us at

How do I install a window privacy screen?

Follow these seven easy steps to apply our window privacy screens:

  1. Gather a spray bottle filled with a water and dish soap mix, squeegee, cutter and lint-free cloth.
  2. Ensure smooth application by cleaning windows to remove dust, dirt and streaks.
  3. Measure windows and cut the film to size, leaving an extra inch for adjustments.
  4. Mist windows with a soapy water mixture.
  5. Peel the protective backing and apply the film to your wet window.
  6. Use a squeegee to smooth bubbles.
  7. Trim excess film for a neat finish.