Peel and Stick Dark Grey Concrete Vinyl Floor tiles - 12Pack

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Instantly refresh your décor with this easy application of peel and stick Dark Grey Concrete floor tiles. For a quick, easy, budget friendly floor makeover, self adhesive vinyl floor tiles tick all the boxes. Easy to install yourself, without the need for specialist tools or messy grout, They are the perfect DIY product. The wipe-clean, water resistant surface makes them easy to keep clean and they can be cut easily with just a utility knife.

We guarantee the quality. - if you find a better quality but lower price products in Australia, we will refund a difference.


  • Colour : Dark Grey Concrete
  • Size : W 30cm X L 30cm (0.09 m2)
  • Thickness : 3mm (Durable, Thicker than others)
  • Weight : 0.47 kg per tile
  • Material: PVC(polyvinyl chloride)
  • Place : Living room, Bed room, Kitchen, Hallways, Laundry, Play rooms and Any indoors. Self adhesive vinyl floor tiles can be used on flat, Solid wooden or tiled floors. The floor may need to be levelled first to achieve an optimal finish.


  • Self adhesive
  • Easy clean and maintenance : use normal household detergents to clean the floor tiles. You need 7days for the adhesive to bond strongly but after that you can vacuum and clean as normal 
  • Slip resistance
  • Strong durability : 3mm thickness
  • Cost-effective
  • Scratch resistant
  • Waterproof : The strong water resistant surface makes wiping up messes a breeze! 
  • Environment friendly, US EPA registered. Which means the EPA registers products that kill microorganisms on surfaces as pesticides and meet safety standards to protect human health and the environment
  • Easy install and remove
  • Made in Republic Korea
  • Shock Absorption
  • Easy to cut by cutter

How to install

  1.  Clean surface to remove any dirt or dust
  2.  Measuring the length and the width of the floor
  3.  Cut tiles to fit the floor
  4.  Removing the backing paper
  5.  Butt join the tiles in the same direction on the rear of the tile with the arrows on the release paper.
  6.  After 7days have elapsed, the adhesive strength becomes stronger

Surfaced to avoid

  • Concrete(unless latex primer is used)
  • Raw wood(unless latex primer is used)
  • Uneven surfaces(carpets and floorboards)
  • Dirty, dusty or damp surfaces(the adhesive won't stick)


  1.  How to cut and fit the tiles?   Simply core with a utility knife and snap to trip the tile to size. Peel away the backing paper and press firmly into place
  2.  Are the tiles water resistant?   The vinyl surface is strong water resistant but it is important that water doesn't get underneath the tiles as this will compromise adhesion.
  3.  How do I clean the tiles ?     Use normal household to clean the tiles
  4.  Can I use the tiles on the walls as a splash back?    The tiles are not manufactured for this purpose but if you choose to use them as a splash back, you will need to use extra adhesive.
  5. Can floor tiles be removed?    Yes they are fully removable. Any residue can be removed with ethanol. If you lay a tile incorrectly, you can peel it back off and re position.