Mix White 3D Peel and Stick Foam Brick Wall Panels



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Luzen & co provides high quality Mix White 3D Peel and Stick Foam Brick Wall Panels which made of soft PE foam. This wall brick foam is Strong Waterproof, Protect children's collision, Moist-proof and sound insulated, easy clean and maintenance, economic wall covering material, the material of 3D brick foam wallpaper is safety, easy install and remove, easy to cut DIY the shape according to your decor area.


  • Colour : Mix White
  • Size : W 100cm X L 100cm = 1m2
  • Thickness : 7mm(With brick), 0. 6mm(Panel only) Durable, Prevent Collision
  • Each Brick size : 18cm X 6.6cm
  • Material: PE(POLYETHYLENE) foam / Aluminium Foil(Back)
  • Place : Kid's room, Living room, Bed room, Kitchen, Hallways, TV back ground, Laundry, Day care, Play rooms and Any indoors.
    Mix White 3d Peel and stick foam brick wall panels


  • Upgraded 3D Realistic : Luzen&Co 3D faux brick wall panels are thicker than others. Traditional, flat  brick wallpaper can look fake and unrealistic while brick veneer can be expensive and difficult to work with. Each Foam Brick Panel features a unique texture that adds depth and definition for a realistic look at a fraction of the cost.
  • Self adhesive
  • Waterproof : The strong water resistant surface makes wiping up messes a breeze! Simply take a damp cloth and wipe the panels as needed
  • Aluminium backing : Superior Insulation, Anti Mold
  • Easy install and remove
  • Anti Collision : Luzen&Co self adhesive Foam Brick 6mm thickness feature a soft, anti-collision surface. The soft foam can make traditional, hard surfaces and walls safer for small children and babies.  
  • Safety certificate report from South Korea for harmful material
  • Easy clean and maintenance
  • Sound Insulated : Reduce noise coming from out side, More comfortable sleep and work
  • Shock Absorption
  • Easy to cut by cutter

How to install

  1.  Clean the wall, the wall must be clean, neat, smooth without moisture
  2.  Measuring the length and the width of the wall
  3.  Cut the wall panels to fit the wall
  4.  Removing the release paper(Using a scotch tape to peel out the paper)
  5.  Install wall panels by using one of the two installation methods below

       6. After 24 hours have elapsed, the adhesive strength becomes stronger



  • Not recommended in Shower
  • The adhesion is strong by itself, but the adhesion may be weak depending on the dirt or type of wall. In that case, you may need spray glue or additional adhesive.
  • Do not install next to fire.
  • Stickiness may remain on the existing wall after long-term use, Use a adhesive remover.
  • Due to the effect of light and monitor's brightness, there may be slight differences between the colour tone of the photo and the actual item