Mirror Solar Control Window Tint Film VLT 21%

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Self Adhesive Mirror Solar Control Window Tint Film VLT 21%

The mirrored Solar Control Window Tint Film glare up with 21% Visible Light Transmission, making interiors cooler, more comfortable, and giving you an unobstructed view of the outside. Luzen&Co Solar Control Window Films block up to 99% of UV rays, helping to keep your pristine interiors from fading.

Size : W 100cm X L 200cm(2 sqm)

Luzenandco Home improvement Window film

Material: PVC, PE

Occasion: Any Window type

Luzen&Co window tint films are cut and shipped upon order. Since the width is fixed, only the length can be changed according to the order quantity. Only it can be returned, if it is defective.(e.g. If order 3, W100 cm(fixed) X L 600cm roll will be sent as a long roll)


Product Details

Visible Light Transmittance 21.50%
Visible Light Reflectance 58.70%
Infrared Rejected 80.80%
Ultra Violet Rejection 99%
Total Solar Energy Transmittance 17.10%
Total Solar Reflectance 52%
Total Solar Energy Absorbance 30.90%
Total Solar Energy Rejected 74.54%
Shading Coefficient 32.00%
Scratch Resistant >2H
Structure, Thickness 1.5mil / 2ply



 - Solar Heat Controlling : our window film are very effective at controlling excess heat, also does well in preventing the fading of home furnishing.

 - 99% UV Rejection

 - Mirror effect

 - Reduce energy cost

 - Prevent secondary accidents from glass fragments due to it's safety proof function.

 - Privacy Protection : Protects privacy and improves security 

 - Made in Republic Korea

 - Easy to cut

How to use

 1. Measure the height and width of the glass surface.

 2. Cut the film to the dimensions, leaving an extra 1 inch around all sides. You’ll be able to trim the edges down to size in the final step

 3. Thoroughly clean the surface of the glass to remove any trace of dust, grime and grease

  4. Attach one piece of tape to a corner of the film. Then use another tape of the other side of the same corner. Both tapes should be placed slightly offset. Hold onto the two over hanging tapes and press them together to grab the film’s corner tip firmly. Then slowly separate the two pieces of tape; the liner and film should easily separate.

 5. Slowly peel back the liner, remember to use A LOT of water with a few drops of mild soap mixture to soak both the adhesive side and window. Wetter is better

 6. Pick up the film by the top corners, keeping it straight and level. Place the wet film onto the wet surface.

 7. Slide a squeegee over the wet film to smooth out and press the film against the glass. Squeegee from the centre moving out, pushing bubbles and wrinkles out as you go.

 8.  In one smooth, continuous motion, trim the excess film from the edges using a hard card and a knife.