Herringbone Grey Self adhesive Vinyl Flooring Sheet


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Herringbone Grey Wood Self adhesive Vinyl Flooring Sheet

Colour : Herringbone Grey

Size : W 100cm X L 200 cm_ 2 sqm

Material: PVC

Occasion: Indoor Floor, Living room, Kitchen, Bedding room, Study, Kids’ room



 - D.I.Y Peel and Stick type

 - Eco-Friendly

 - Water and Moisture proof

 - Removable

 - Mould proof

 - Easy to maintain, stains can be easily removed

How to use

 1. Clean the floor, the floor must be clean, neat, smooth

 2. Measuring the length and the width of the floor

 3. Cut off the same size flooring sheets

 4. Touch The Flooring Sheets to peel off the adhesive tape and stick it on any dry flat surface, No additional glue is needed.

 5. The flooring sheets will be posted on the floor, the edge of the alignment, use the scraper scrape the bubbles gently.

  6. Overlap the film by 1-2cm when installing two panels side by side


How many rolls do I need

1. Work out the length of your wall TIMES X the height of your wall.

2. Always divide 2 (because one quantity can cover 2 sqm)

3. Add 15% in to the total to allow for pattern repeat and edge wastage or failure