1. What is Luzen&Co WPC?

      The Luzen&Co Wood-Plastic Composite is made up from bamboo, wood and recycled plastic, which gives an environmentally friendly option to wooden products that have a much shorter life cycle. We would proudly say that WPC is the best alternative to wood decking


2. Where can these tiles be installed?

      Luzen&Co tiles are a complete solution to renew any flat place such as your balconies, terraces, courtyard or patio. It effectively reduces the reflection of sunshine, absorbs the radiation of UV. It is also good in water drainage and air-permeability.


3. Calculating How Many You need

   - Each tile covers 0.09 sqm
   - Example Coverage Area: 3m x 6m = 18 sqm
   - You need 200pcs = Divide 18 sqm by 0.09 sqm


4. Can these tiles be cut?

    WPC tiles can easily be cut by any saw.

    But Stone tiles can not be cut as it is nature stones.


5. Can all tiles mix and matched?

    All among Luzen&Co tiles can be easily mixed to create your own styles. These snap-in tiles have an interlocking design base for easy DIY installation.


6. How can I clean it?

    Our WPC tiles can be cleaned with water and mild detergent, using a cloth. Stubborn stains can be lightly scrubbed but heavy scrubbing should be avoided due to the inclusion of natural materials.


7. Could you put these over an existing wood deck?

    As long as the existing deck is flat and sturdy enough to support the weight of tiles, it should be okay.


8. What is self-adhesive wallpaper?

Self-adhesive wallpaper is a type of wallpaper that comes with a sticky back. Unlike traditional wallpapers that require separate adhesive, this wallpaper can be directly applied to walls. This type of wallpaper is one of the most favoured DIY home improvement products for Australians looking for a convenient way to update their home’s interior.

Luzen&Co makes it a point to provide only the most stylish and durable products for the elevation of the beauty and functionality of your home. We urge you to explore our extensive selection, or contact us if you have any questions or would like some advice on choosing the right self-adhesive wallpaper for an Australian home.


9. What are the benefits of using self-adhesive wallpaper?

The primary benefits of self-adhesive wallpaper are its ease of application and removal. It requires no messy glues or pastes, making it a clean and straightforward option for DIY projects. Additionally, it’s often repositionable during installation, allowing for adjustments. It's perfect for renters or those who like to change their decor frequently.


10. How do I apply self-adhesive wallpaper?

Applying self-adhesive wallpaper involves cleaning and preparing the wall surface, measuring and cutting the wallpaper, peeling off the backing and then carefully placing it on the wall. Using a wallpaper squeegee can help achieve a more professional finish by smoothing out any bubbles or wrinkles as you go.


11. Where can I buy self-adhesive wallpaper in Australia?

If you’re looking for quality adhesive wallpaper and other DIY home improvement products, explore Luzen&Co’s wide selection which includes self-adhesive wallpapers in Sydney and beyond that can cater to various tastes and home decor styles.


12. What are some factors to consider when choosing self-adhesive wallpaper?

When choosing from our curated range of self-adhesive wallpapers in Australia, make sure that the style and colour you select complement your existing decor and personal taste. The material of the wallpaper should also align with the room’s function, such as choosing vinyl wallpapers, which are resistant to moisture and stains, for your kitchen and bathrooms. 


13. How long will self-adhesive wallpaper last?

Sourcing only the best, high-quality self-adhesive wallpaper for the Sydney market and beyond, our products can last several years, especially when properly applied and maintained. Caring for self-adhesive wallpaper is a relatively easy task, usually involving wiping it down with a damp cloth and avoiding the use of harsh chemicals or abrasives.