1. What is Luzen&Co WPC?

      The Luzen&Co Wood-Plastic Composite is made up from bamboo, wood and recycled plastic, which gives an environmentally friendly option to wooden products that have a much shorter life cycle. We would proudly say that WPC is the best alternative to wood decking


2. Where can these tiles be installed?

      Luzen&Co tiles are a complete solution to renew any flat place such as your balconies, terraces, courtyard or patio. It effectively reduces the reflection of sunshine, absorbs the radiation of UV. It is also good in water drainage and air-permeability.


3. Calculating How Many You need

   - Each tile covers 0.09 sqm
   - Example Coverage Area: 3m x 6m = 18 sqm
   - You need 200pcs = Divide 18 sqm by 0.09 sqm


4. Can these tiles be cut?

    WPC tiles can easily be cut by any saw.

    But Stone tiles can not be cut as it is nature stones.


5. Can all tiles mix and matched?

    All among Luzen&Co tiles can be easily mixed to create your own styles. These snap-in tiles have an interlocking design base for easy DIY installation.


6. How can I clean it?

    Our WPC tiles can be cleaned with water and mild detergent, using a cloth. Stubborn stains can be lightly scrubbed but heavy scrubbing should be avoided due to the inclusion of natural materials.


7. Could you put these over an existing wood deck?

    As long as the existing deck is flat and sturdy enough to support the weight of tiles, it should be okay.