Premium 3D effect White Rustic Brick Wallpaper Type Q

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This contemporary white brick wallpaper features a realistic worn painted brick wall. Tiny details, such as chunks of paint that have chipped away and a cracked plaster effect, give this wall an interesting urban design. The textured surface amplifies this design's realism.

This lovely white brick wallpaper will give you a fashionable all over and realistic effect within your room or any commercial area. 

Size : W 53cm X L 10m(Roll)_ 5.3 sqm

Material: PVC

Occasion : Living room, Bedding room, Study, Kids’ room, TV Background, Commercial


  • A wallpaper that contrasts rustic brick walls with a country-inspired design.
  • Made in PVC material, non-toxic.
  • This wallpaper is suitable for all living areas, including the kitchen and bathroom.



How to use

 1. Clean the wall, the wall must be clean, neat, smooth

 2. Measuring the length and the width of the wall

 3. Cut off the same size wallpaper

 4. Use an all purpose wallcoverings adhesive/paste and apply adhesive generously to one section of the wall at a time by using a pile roller.

 5. The wallpaper will be posted on the wall, the edge of the alignment, use the scraper scrape the bubbles gently.


How many rolls do I need

1. Work out the length of your wall TIMES X the height of your wall.

2. Always divide 5.3 (because one roll can cover 5.3 sqm)

3. Add 15% in to the total to allow for pattern repeat and edge wastage.